Collective actions

Partner organisations will support participants to carry out collective actions. The action projects will be for advocating on issues, raising awareness and sensitising others in the 4 countries to the issues, acting on issues/ influencing policy and creating opportunities to upscale by delivering intercultural training to key stakeholders. Inspired by the structured dialogue, involved stakeholders (returnees, young migrants, local organisations, etc) will be invited to share their experience with other not involved stakeholders, local authorities and private sector when appropriate.

A Compass to Direct Us

IC4LOP partnership’s recommendations on social inclusion and migrations

The recommendations developed beneath have been designed for two main targets: policy-makers and organisations.

They have been gathered from the numerous stakeholders involved at the various levels of IC4LoP during the collective actions, the evaluation report and the transnational event which included a dedicated workshop on developing recommendations.
A bottom-up approach was favoured in the collection of these recommendations, so they would fit to the reality of both the people and the organisations we are working with at local, national and European level.


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