Involving young active citizens in action project

Jan 13, 2021

During the training of individuals in Palermo, young people started to work together in order to create collective actions!

Here you can find tips and advices for people that want to create action projects:


Social media can be a very effective tool to create awareness both on local and global issues.

With these tools, each of us has the opportunity to create content and events with the potential to become viral and generate a collective action.

It is also a sustainable and innovative way to draw attention to possible actions that can be carried out for the benefit of the whole community feeding the positive word-of-mouth.

Create your own story

  • Mark specific, measurable and realistic statements
  • Define your Target
  • Establish your Mission & Vision
  • Promote ethical and socially responsible objectives
  • Plan and design your message

CONTENT: Craft your message with your audience in mind to make it effective;

LANGUAGE: You should use at least two languages, your national standard language and English. Language can differ depending on the channel;

MOOD: Keeping your tone positive will usually reach more people instead of evoking negative feelings such as fear or anger.

DESIGN: Place your message where your audience can see it – poster, newsletter, flyer, manual, website, press release, social network.

Make a plan!

FIRST OF ALL, you must know your tool and study every channel that may help you reach your objectives and your target group.

Focus on your goals and choose your right channels according to your target audience, your message, your resources.

Get more in less time: it’s best to create one or two relevant social media accounts and manage them effectively rather than creating multiple ones.

Set your actions and choose your channels

  • Why do you want to communicate with the community?
  • Who do you want to communicate it to?
  • What do you want to communicate?
  • How do you want to communicate it?
  • Whom should you contact and what should you do in order to use those channels?

5 secrets to get your action effective

SIMPLE: combine a catchy claim with the essence of your mission.

STIMULATING: create an emotional bond, establish a connection with your audience.

DISTINCTIVE: distingue yourself from the common herd bringing your action out emphasizing your uniqueness and diversity from the other actions.

AUTHENTIC:  your promise must correspond to the experience you want to create.

MEMORABLE: you should have an impact on stakeholders and policy makers to change things.