Lug 29, 2019

​Responsibility, commitment, volunteering are the key concepts that underlie active citizenship for some representatives of local associations, migrant associations and former volunteers who were present at the info day of the IC4LOP project, held at the Garibaldi Theatre.

In order to become citizens concretely active in our cities it is necessary to learn to get out of what can be our presumptions, our prejudices and enter into a perspective of cooperation with institutions building a solid network.

It is the task of each citizen to motivate, to assert their rights, to organize awareness campaigns and to guide with a serious process and clear objectives and motivations.

Often, however, young people want to do things but lack resources. For this reason, it would be necessary to create a network in the territory, linking associations, services and institutions. There are also personal obstacles that translate into “thinking that you can do everything or that you do not have the courage to ask for help.

For this reason, IC4LOP offers a path that will be addressed to young people / and leaders of migrant associations and local associations that will be accompanied in international and national training courses to develop collective actions and to rework an existing manual, or “What next”. The manual will contain suggestions and information and will provide practical tools to reflect and concretize events and collective actions.

IC4LOP has already developed and created an app that can be used to match volunteer organisations and volunteers who can then undertake a training experience.