Paris – 23rd of May

Jun 18, 2019

Three Info Days were organized in France. One in Paris on the 23rd of May with 11 organisations, one in Lille on the 11th of June with 9 organisations, one in Marseille on the 13th of June with 6 organisations.

Different kind of organisations attended the meetings: many were youth or international volunteering organisations (Unis-Cité, Etudiants et développement, Solidarité Jeunesse, Cotravaux, Léo Lagrange, Ligue de l’enseignement, Hors piste). Some migrant’s support organisations were present too (Emmaüs Solidarité, Apprentis d’Auteuil, Arte Migrante), as well as some representatives from different Mission locales (organisation supporting youth employment and linked to town halls).

At the beginning, exchanges have been organised around the concept of active citizenship, and the needs to consider citizenship as a global concept, including everyone. After a presentation of the project, which the organisations were very positive about, participants discussed about the involvement of young people from different background – either geographical or social, in the project IC4LoP. They were also interested about the networking possibilities between youth and volunteering organisations and migrant’s support organisations.

As a result of these Info Days, we can say the organisations were very positive thanks to the fruitful exchanges and they express the will to be engaged in the project.