Solidarity and humour

Jan 13, 2021

Workshops were held with young people between 12 and 18 and 18-30 years old. The actions often took place “outside the walls” with two partners: the ludomouv and Les Parques à Poterne (75013) and the Maurice Nogues socio-cultural centre (75014), both in priority districts of the city. For example, on 23rd July in collaboration with Les Parques at the Ludotheque, on 30th July and 7th August in a social centre in the 14th arrondissement. Some workshops took place directly in the open areas of the stand up, notably at the Juici in the 20th arrondissement where Mélissa took 8 young people from the association. ⮚ Many virtual actions took place from November onwards. Training in eloquence and debate using humorous supports and arguments. This allowed the young people to develop their arguments using some of the advice they had received from the training sessions and humorous supports.