The experience in Italy

Jan 13, 2021

The objective of the training that took place in Palermo, was to train youth leaders in order to make them acquire specific knowledge of the most common elements of communication, group dynamics and active listening in order to improve their own leading competences and social inclusion skills in relation to accompany young people for future actions.

All of the participants attending the course had a different background. Most of them worked with groups and/or had some experience managing people from different cultures. Some of them were foreign cultural mediators and worked in the field of migration.

For most of the activities and the setting of the contents in the program we referred to the IC4LOP training manual. We also tried to involve all the participants to a constructive confrontation in order to make them take part in a very active way. We try to build empathy through “meeting of minds” intent using an emotional approach to some of the schemes.

The course was overall successful. Most of the participants were able to acquire new skills and they seemed enthusiastic and motivated at the end.